DECEMBER 31, 2020




It was genuinely exciting to write the date at the top of this entry. 

2020 has been a year of isolation and loss, a year of growth and reflection, a year that made us truly reconsider everything we knew about life as we lived it. 

COVID-19 is truly a virus that tests how much you care about your neighbor. Masks are a greater protection to those around you than to yourself, your own lack of risk requires you to sacrifice based on consideration for another who isn't so lucky. This pandemic asked us all: What will you do to protect someone you have never met? 

And this then bled into every other part of the year. If you are not reminded of the dangers of climate change by a constant fear of losing all you have to a wildfire, what will you change to protect those across the country? If you are secure amidst all this uncertainty, how will you step up for those who aren't? If you have the privilege not to fear discrimination and brutality due to the color of your skin, how will you use that to fight for justice for the Black community?

We were asked this year, again and again, what little ways we would add one more drop of super glue to this shattered year. Some days this meant volunteering, some days this meant marching, some days this meant simply staying home, some days this meant just getting out of bed and getting through the next 24 hours. Whatever you did this year, it was enough. And if you are reading this, you are indirectly helping small businesses so you can throw that on the list, too.

Through the fear and strain, through all the unknown,  if you are reading this you are mere hours away from coming out on the other side. What a wild, wonderful, beautiful thing. We are lucky in that we can say we are grateful for what we have been able to pull out of this, frankly put, 365 days of train wreck. We are lucky that we were in a position to help small businesses this year. And we will continue to be lucky to do so into 2021.

Stay safe, we love you, we thank you, happy New Year (and we have never meant that more).

Hanna and the PR Team

Woof, that was heavy. We are crying, are you crying? Sheesh. Lighten up, go watch our 6 month anniversary video and let's all start drinking too early.